Featurely Getting Started Guide

These steps will help you get your profile set up and ready to share with your followers.

Edit your page > Edit page
✅ Add a logo or display photo
✅ Add a bio/description of your page
✅ Add your social links

Edit your page > Edit services
✅ Add promotional or shoutout services

Account settings

✅ Add your Country of Residence
✅ Add your preferred currency (cannot update)
✅ Setup payout details 🤑

Add your Featurely link to your Socials
✅ Add to your Instagram
✅ Add to your Twitter
✅ Add to your Facebook
✅ Add to your TikTok
✅ Add to your YouTube

Selling promotions and shoutouts on your page?
Do it better.

Create a seamless order process, take card payments and track everything with Featurely.

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