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Featurely is an online storefront for your page's promotion and shoutout services.

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"An easy way to monetise your Instagram following"

Not too long ago I opened a Instagram for boxing content. In just over 6 months I was able to grow my following from 3k to well over 60k! With this type of growth we were constantly getting ad/repost requests, so we thought that we could monetise that. I then saw Featurely in the bio of one of the pages I follow and was immediately intrigued. It was really easy to setup and we launched a few days ago.

Boxing Knights
CEO, Drew Alexander

"Must have tool for Theme Pages"

The seamless order process, whether you're online or offline has really helped us make a proper business out of Instagram promos.

co-Founder, Nadine Nyangezi

"Amazing tool!!!"

Since we started our instagram theme page we had alot of content creators requesting us to post their content and give them shout outs. Featurely has allowed us to capitalise on that. Most of our audience and the people who request shoutouts and post ads are from the US, but we are UK based, so there is a timing difference, Featurely allows us to take orders and payments whilst we are offline, therefore no opportunity is missed.

21st Century Dates
co-Founder, Karan Gundigara

Featurely FAQ's

What is Featurely?

Featurely is a tool that allows social media page owners to quickly create an online shop for their promotional and shoutout services.

See it in action πŸ•΅οΈ.

How does setup work?

Create a page here, it only takes a couple of minutes!

How do I know when I get orders?

When you get an order you will get an instant email. βœ‰οΈ

From that email you will know what your customer ordered, the price, their name, their email, their social handle @, any instructions they have or captions and then the content they want you to post.

You can ACCEPT βœ… or REJECT ❌ the orders and also track them on your dashboard.

How can I get more orders?

Please ensure you have completed as many steps as possible on our Getting Started Guide.

What are your fees for page owners?

It's completely free to create a basic Featurely account.

You can find a full breakdown on our plans here.

As a page owner, how do I get paid out?

For all Card, Apple Pay and Google Pay transactions - you are paid out directly to your Bank Account via Stripe within 2 days of completing the orders.

For all other transactions e.g. via PayPal or CashApp we have 2 payout options, weekly and monthly.

For the weekly option, our finance team does all payouts by 5PM GMT every Sunday and for the monthly option it’s every 1st of the month by 5PM GMT.

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